Kylies Secret

First Impressions

It turns out that Kylie isn’t very good at keeping her secret. She’s got a beautiful body and she just wants to share it with people instead of keeping it hidden underneath sexy lingerie and clothes. When I first saw her free tour I was amazed at how beautiful she was, especially at how gorgeous her big blue eyes were. She has a great smile as well, and although her naked breasts cannot be seen on the tour it’s clear from the many revealing images that they’re lovely and all natural. There’s nothing more I need from a young model.

Hot Promises

In big bold print Kylie promises you lots of sexy images and videos inside her member’s area, and judging by the pictures on the free tour she’s not kidding. You’ll see her posing in lingerie, sexy dresses, tight t-shirts, bikinis and totally naked. She also promises to invite her friends over so you can see them naked on camera as well. It’s unclear if she’s hinting at lesbian content when she says that, but we can always hope! There’s a promise of access to more than 20 webcam shows a month, although sadly Kylie herself doesn’t do any.


Kylie’s member’s area is exceptionally well designed, although the choice of colors could have been better. The bright yellow background wouldn’t work in any case; it’s simply too harsh on the eyes. The member’s main page features the most recent updates in the picture and video sections, links to the nine bonus sites that come with your membership, and a grand total of six annoying advertisements. They’ve also posted the webcam schedule, although Kylie doesn’t have any shows on the schedule so it’s not nearly as useful as you might imagine.

There are tons of sexy babes with their own websites littering the web, but very few of them compare to Kylie in terms of pure beauty. She really is one of the most gorgeous girls come across in your adventures on the web, and I feel privileged in a way to be reviewing her site. She has 55 picture galleries for her members, although by all indications those are the only picture galleries you’ll ever see, because I don’t think her site is updated anymore. The new pictures and videos listed on the main page don’t have dates attached to them and there’s nothing about upcoming sets. Also, the latest video is Christmas related, which is a pretty good indicator of when it was uploaded.

However, there are still 55 galleries here that give us the chance to observe and enjoy Kylie’s unique beauty. As I mentioned before, her big blue eyes are remarkable, and luckily they’re in almost every picture she’s ever done. Most galleries have 50-100 images and can be viewed in a medium or high resolution. There’s also a slideshow feature that allows you to sit back and relax while the images dance before you.

Kylie looks more mature than most girls her age and she uses that to her advantage in her picture galleries. She dresses in some very sexy lingerie, dresses and outfits and she’s able to pull them off well without looking silly. Instead she looks positively delectable and will likely inspire bouts of strong desire in you. Who wouldn’t want a piece of this luscious beauty?

There are two galleries at KyliesSecret that really stood out for me. The first shows Kylie posing in an amazing black lace and ruffle lingerie set. There’s a pink bow on both the bra and panties and she looks cute as a button in it, although a button that I’d like to devour. Her body looks amazing in it, and by the end she’s naked and covering only her pussy. The second gallery shows Kylie posing in a grey argyle sweater and tight jeans. I like tight sweaters and awful lot, and this particular gallery showed a cute side of this lovely model that I really enjoyed.

Kylie has prepared 24 videos for her members, but in some of them she commits what I judge to be a mortal sin. That is, the videos are merely filmed versions of her photo shoots. Instead of Kylie looking into the camera and performing for her members she spends her time looking at the other camera and standing still. The only action happens after the flash when she shuffles her position for another picture. I understand that girls want to provide videos for their members, but there’s nothing more boring than this type of scene.

There are a few videos that break from this model thankfully. She does a few sexy stripteases where she’s performing solely for her members at home, and they only make it more frustrating that all the clips weren’t like that. You must download them if you get the chance though. Most scenes are around 5 minutes and 20mb. The video quality is pretty bad, but it’s just good enough that you can actually enjoy the scene.

There’s a page on Kylie’s site dedicated to webcam video, but she never got around to doing any shows so there are no archived videos for you to download. You’ll find plenty of those on the bonus sites, however. You can also watch three of the girls from the Spunky network do live shows once a week. That’s at least three shows a week, and they’re exceptionally entertaining so you should give them a shot.

Kylie’s webmaster has prepared 45 desktop wallpapers for her fans, and each is available in four resolutions. They’re all really well made and feature her absolute best images for your consumption. If you visit the friends page you’ll find 20 hot galleries starring other solo babes around the web. The galleries are small but a nice change of pace and a good way to scout out other beauties if you’re looking to join another site. The forums allow you to chat with other members and other models in the Spunky network, although they’re not well trafficked and won’t provide much discussion.

If you’re swimming in cash and you absolutely must see Kylie’s pussy (she doesn’t let you see it in any pictures or videos) then you can visit the zip set store and pay $15 to download four videos and just over 200 pictures. There’s no doubt the content is hot, but there’s also no doubt that it’s worth that much money. If you’ve run out of content you’re better off visiting one of the 9 bonus sites that come free with your membership. 7 are solo babes sites that star some exceptionally beautiful babes; one has all HD videos that will blow your mind. One is a hardcore porn star sex site and one features two hotties posing together in pseudo lesbian content.

Croco’s Opinion

KyliesSecret stars one of the web’s most gorgeous young models, and although she no longer adds new content to her site she’s provided us with a nice base of pictures and videos. There’s enough good stuff here to last quite some time and I’d imagine that any fan of solo beauties will find value in a membership. In addition, there are 9 bonus sites that you can peruse and use, which will extend your membership by months. If you take the free tour and find yourself attracted to Kylie then joining is a must.


This is a flawlessly designed site that couldn’t be any easier to use. The picture galleries are laid out well, the videos are easy to download, and the various content sections are easily accessed.

Pricing Policy

Pay by credit card or online check. The first month is $24.95 and then it’s $19.95 every month after that.

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